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Large Lab Testing Equipment IPX3 / IPX4 Waterproof Swinging Rain Test Box

Large Lab Testing Equipment IPX3 / IPX4 Waterproof Swinging Rain Test Box

    • Large Lab Testing Equipment IPX3 / IPX4 Waterproof Swinging Rain Test Box
    • Large Lab Testing Equipment IPX3 / IPX4 Waterproof Swinging Rain Test Box
    • Large Lab Testing Equipment IPX3 / IPX4 Waterproof Swinging Rain Test Box
  • Large Lab Testing Equipment IPX3 / IPX4 Waterproof Swinging Rain Test Box

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: SKYLINE
    Certification: Fabric Vertical Flammability Tester
    Model Number: SL-IPX34B-R400

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
    Price: negotiated
    Packaging Details: plywood case
    Delivery Time: 10 work days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 1 unit/ month
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    Detailed Product Description
    SKYLINE: IPX34- Swinging Rain Test Box Voltage And Frequency: AC220V±10% ;50Hz±10%
    Application: Outdoor Lamps, Household Appliances, Auto Parts And Other Electronic And Electrical Products Inner Box Size: 900* 900* 900mm

    Large Lab Testing Equipment IPX3 / IPX4 Waterproof Swinging Rain Test Box​



     Product name   IPX34- swinging rain test box
     Product model   SL-IPX34B-R400


     Equipment reference drawing


     Equipment Overview

    Application background: the destruction of natural water (rainwater, sea water, water and so on) to products and materials, resulting in inestimable economic losses every year. The damage is mainly caused by corrosion, fading, deformation, strength drop, expansion and moldy. Especially, electrical products cause fire easily due to short circuiting of rain. Therefore, the protective water test for the shell of a specific product or material is a necessary key procedure.
    General applications: outdoor lamps, household appliances, auto parts and other electronic and electrical products.
    Equipment function: the main function of the device is for electronic and electrical products, lamps and lanterns, electric cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their components. The physical and other related properties of products are tested under simulated rain. After testing, the test is used to determine whether the performance of the product meets the requirements, so as to facilitate the design, improvement, verification and inspection of the factory.




     Standard of execution

    According to IEC60529:1989 +A1:1999 +A2:2013 <Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)>, <shell protection grade (IP code)>, 14.2.3 14.2.4 clause and Figure 4, GB7000.1 <lighting part 1: General requirements and tests for>9.2.4, 9.2.5 terms and figure 9.4

     Equipment point

    a.For product IPX3, IPX4 waterproof rating test.

    b. The shell is made from domestic high quality steel plate and the surface is sprayed with paint. It is beautiful and durable.

    c. Inside the box and swirel table used in all SUS304# stainless steel plate to ensure the long time use will not rust.

    d. Box structure: self contained water tank, circulating water, water level floating ball valve in storage tank, automatic control of water intake and alarm detection at low water level, effectively preventing water pump from dry and damaged.

    e. There is a transparent observation window (toughened glass material) on the door, and a LED lamp is installed in the box to facilitate the observation of the internal test.

    f. The swing pipe drive adopts the domestic high quality servo stepper motor, the speed of the swing pipe is precise and adjustable, and there is no out of step problem (out of step: it will cause an aberration of the swinging movement, and to the middle of the turntable shaft, causing the damage of the equipment)

    g. Turntable drive: the use of domestic high-quality stepper motor, speed and angle can be set on the touch screen (adjustable), in the standard range of precision stepless adjustable and can automatically control the forward and reverse rotation (positive and negative: suitable for sample power test to prevent winding).

    h. The test box is equipped with a sample power outlet (AC220,10A), and the sample power supply can be controlled by program. The power outage (0-999min) - 0-999min (power) - power failure (0-999min) is applied to the sample.

    i. The test time can be set on the touch screen. The setting range is: 0-999min (adjustable)

    j. Filtering measures: high precision filter, which can effectively filter the impurities in tap water and filter cartridge can be replaced regularly.

    k. The core control system adopts Taiwan weinview 7 Inch Touch Screen + Panasonic PLC, electrical components used such as LG, OMRON and other imported brands, wiring craft meet the requirements of national standards, having reasonable layout, wiring firmly and clearly marked.

    l. Touch control function: "IPX3 test" test is carried out according to the standard terms in the IPX3 conditions;

    "IPX4 test" test is carried out according to the standard terms in the IPX4 conditions;

    "custom test: the test was conducted according to the needs of users, you can set the test time, rain angle, swing speed, pipe turntable speed isoparametric.

    m. The chassis is installed with embedded spare parts box and the common spare parts (such as six corner screwdriver, filter core, needle and so on) are placed to facilitate the storage and use of the users.

     Technical parameter

    Structural parameters
    Pendulum size R400mm (can be added with R200mm)
    Inner box size 900* 900* 900mm
    Outer size 1400*1120* 1750mm
    Blowhole Size diameter 0.4mm
    Inner diameter of swinging tube 15mm
    The sample turntable diameter 400mm (can be added for 200 table)
    Functional parameters
    Flow 0-2L/min
    Load-bearing of turntable 20kg
    Turntable height range 350-600mm
    Rotation speed of the turntable 1-5r/min (precise adjustable)
    The rotation of the turntable Always positive and reversed replace
    Swing pipe angle 120º(IPX3),350º(IPX4)or custom settings
    Swing speed of swinging tube 240 degrees back and forth 4S, 720 degrees back and forth 12S (precision control) or custom
    Electrical parameters
    Equipment Power 220v
    Test sample power supply 220v
    Plant capacity 1.0kw
    Safety protection function: leakage protection, water shortage protection, short circuit protection

     Main configuration table

    Name Specifications quantity brand / remark
    Chassis The inside box 304#, the outer box spray paint 1 Yuexin
    Water storage tank 304# stainless steel homemade 1 Yuexin
    Turntable 304# stainless steel homemade 1 Yuexin
    Swing Pipe 304# stainless steel homemade 1 Yuexin
    Swing Needle 0.4mm stainless steel 1 100 spare
    Swing Needle File M5-6 1 20 spare
    Water Pump Stainless steel water pump 1 Lingxiao
    Flowmeter Glass panel belt adjustment 1 Yuanda
    Pressure gage Aseismic stainless steel /Y-60BFZ 1 Hongqi
    Mechanical floating ball valve ND15 1  
    Filter 10 inch single stage water purifier 1 Backup filter core1
    Touch screen 7 inch color screen 1 Taiwan weinview
    PLC controller FR-XO L30R 1 Panasonic
    Swinging step motor   1 Zhichuang
    Swing Tube reducer   1 Dabang
    Turntable stepping motor 57# 1 Jiemeikang
    Turntable reducer   1 Dabang
    Low voltage electrical apparatus   1 LG
    Relay   1 OMRON
    Switching Mode Power Supply   1 OMRON



     Random appendage

    1.One copy of the operation instructions;

    2. certificate of qualification of the factory;

    3. equipment warranty card;

    4. filter cartridges 1;

    5. test needles 100

    6. test pinhead 20

    7. three core cable, 1 (about 3M)

     Conditions of use The following conditions are guaranteed by the user and the corresponding connection is completed.

     Use site

    The ground and the drainage are smooth, the ground and wall are waterproof and the floor drain or drainage ditch is set up.

    The ground bearing capacity is not less than 200kg/m2

    Well ventilated site

    No strong vibration around the equipment

    The influence of no strong electromagnetic field around the equipment

    No flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment

    There is a proper space for use and maintenance around the equipment:

    The rear side, the left and right side, the top of the equipment: 800mm

    Front side of equipment: 1200mm

     Schematic diagram of site size planning  
     Environment condition

    Temperature: 5℃~35℃

    Relative humidity: ≤85%

    Air pressure: 86kPa~106kPa


     Power supply condition

    Voltage and frequency AC220V±10% ;50Hz±10% Fire line + zero line + protected ground line
    Installed power 1.0KW
    Earthing resistance of protective earth wire Less than 4Ω






    Power Swith

    1. Require the user to install the electric leakage protection air switch on the installation site for the equipment with the corresponding capacity and the switch must be used independently for the use of the equipment.

    2.prohibit the use of knife switch or socket

    3. The air leakage protection air switch is not more than 2 meters away from the equipment





    Water source condition

    1.requires the user to install the water source for the equipment at the installation site, the water pressure is not less than 0.2Mpa, and the installation of the 4 point faucet.

    2. The position of the faucet is not more than 2 meters away from the equipment


    Large Lab Testing Equipment IPX3 / IPX4 Waterproof Swinging Rain Test Box

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